Zumo 550 Cradle issues?

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    I did some fairly hard trail riding over the weekend (including some light water splashes), left the 550 on my bike so I could play music. The zumo was working fine, shut the bike off a half dozen times during the ride. Eventually i noticed that the GPS was off and would not power on.

    Once I got home I was able to start checking it out. I have power going to the cradle. The 550 works fine in the car mount and plugged into my computer. The pins on the cradle are clean with no corrosion. the GPS pin connectors are clean with no corrosion. the power wire to the cradle is clean with no corrosion.

    I took the cradle apart to see if the circuit had any damage and there was no visible burn marks, the ribbons were in tact with no damage and the inside of the cradle was clean and dry. And once I put the GPS back together again it powered up in the motorcycle cradle again.

    I have isolated the issue to two possible reasons, either the GPS battery went so dead when I left it on while the bike was off that it wouldnt turn back on, or the cradle is somehow damaged. I dont know and I cant replicate the issue now.

    My real question, because I searched and couldnt find an answer: I am doing some light trail riding (trans NJ or WV trail) starting 11 Sep for a few days. Should I go ahead and order a new cradle or should I risk keeping the old cradle and hope it doesnt break again.
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    I usually have problems with mine after a ride in the rain. I drown the cradle contact pins with WD-40 and work it in by pushing the pins and that usually clears it up for me. It's a piss poor design having the pins facing up to collect water. Good luck.