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    There may be a thread on here about this topic, but if so, I could not find it.

    Have new Zumo, need to load music. Copied my iTunes Library onto the microSD card in said Zumo. Straightforward... except when I looked for something to play to try it out, there warn't anything there! Ok, better read the manual. Oops. Garmin haven't yet progressed beyond MP3 and all my music is MP4. That is what Apple does.

    So I down load a free music format converter and start the laborious task of converting over 1,200 files, one at a time. After about 100, which consumed a large part of Saturday evening, I grumbled to my wife and her daughter. Daughter immediately volunteers that she worked out how to do it for one of her Christmas presents - a waterproof MP3 player. Why did I not think of this?? :evil

    She steps over to the computer and within seconds, showed me how to do it in bulk, automatically and relatively quickly.

    So I thought would share the benefit of the solution to perhaps save frustration for one or more inmates who are as tech challenged as I am. (This is for Macintosh, but I am sure PC is as easy.)

    In iTunes, click on File, then Create New Version, then Create MP3 Version. At that point, if your music library is of any size, get a beer, wash the car or mow the lawn while you wait for the computer to perform its magic.

    You will then find that your music library is doubled in size, with the AAC Audio File(MP4) files duplicated with MPEG files. (MP3)

    Create a new Playlist in iTunes (in my case 'Zumo')
    In iTunes main library sort the files by KIND. (You may need to create that column). That will place all the AAC's in one sequence and the MP3's in another.
    Highlight all the MP3 files
    Press Edit, Copy
    Paste this into your Zumo Play List
    Highlight all the files in your Play List, Edit, Copy
    Open your SD card on your Zumo, and the Paste all the MP3 files into it. At this stage you may want another beer or something. :1drinkIt took over an hour to copy all my songs onto the SD Card. But, as I type this, it is playing to me. Mission accomplished; but I really must delete 'Horse with No Name'.

    I hope the above is not too confusing.

    Good luck!
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    i would add to change the preferences in your itunes to rip audio to mp3s when you try to copy a cd
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    That solves the problem of getting the mp3s onto the Zumo nicely.
    Are they in a playlist on the zumo or are they the songs loaded individually?
    I found a way to make a playlist on the zumo from iTunes but its way too much hassle.
    Any way to to make a list by album or artist that anyones knows of?
  4. ADVer

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    Try putting the music in a file folder labeled "Audio" instead of the "MP3 " folder.
    That gets then to list by artist, album and genre on my Zumo 550.
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    Good info. Playing music on my Zumo is a huge deal for me--almost as important as the GPS function and taking phone calls while I'm on the road.

    The Zumo allows you to sort by song, artist, genre, etc. A big part of that is labeling your song files so the Zumo can properly read/identify them.

    I swap out songs so much that it isn't that important.

    Lastly : You can store the tunes (I use MP3 format) in either the GPS hard drive/main unit or on the memory card.
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    Good thread....would love for it to cover the topic of creating actual playlists from iTunes to the Garmin GPS unit itself. I've been doing the necessary reading and converting of files (need to make sure iTunes is set to the correct preference so to allow conversion via the right click......iTunes, Preferences, Import Settings, MP3). Hopefully the user doesn't own too many "Protected File" formats or that can be yet another speed bump. Regardless, the Garmin does a nice job of organizing separate music files as stated above (you can drag a bunch of random songs and the GPS unit, in my case a Navigator V, will organize the bunch into Artist, Album, Song, Genre), but what i can't figure out is how to move a pre-selected PLAYLIST from iTunes into the GPS versus having to create on separately using the GPS Playlist function.

    edit: ok....looks like the file extension .m3u8 is specific to those found in a "playlist." now i have to deduce how to create a playlist using songs with that filename extension. i'm not having any luck copying over iTunes songs that belong to a playlist, hence my question.