Zumo 660 Map Swapping & Removal

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by Two Moto Kiwis, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Good morning ladies and gents, we have the Zumo 660, it is preloaded with the USA maps.

    We have been traveling through Mexico just using OSM which works well, not too far away and we will be heading into Central then South America.

    My question is I want to remove the maps we have finished with out of the GPS so we can keep a reasonable speed in the GPS rather clogging it up however I am not sure which ones to leave and take out.

    I have searched and studied but none the wiser hence my post, any techperts that can pint me in the right direction so I don't end up with a blank screen.

    Cheers all.

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    If you plug your Zumo 660 into your computer using a usb cable you will see two new icons on your screen, one for the Zumo itself and one for any SD memory cards you have installed, if any. Open up those icons by double clicking and you will see the map files, they are just computer files that the Zumo reads. You can copy them off the Zumo or SD card to your computer for backup. You can delete them. You can move other files onto your GPS or SD card. I cannot help you with the names for OSM maps because I use Garmin City Navigator maps which have a .IMG file type appended to the end of the file name. Hope this gets you started.

    I keep 2 SD cards, one with all the maps for North America and one for all the European maps. I only keep the base map Garmin provides on the Zumo itself. With a high capacity (8BG) SD card I could keep all the files on one in a folder called Garmin and pick the one I want to use. For Garmin files there is also a naming convention that allows you to have a supplemental map or 2 if they are named correctly.

    Hint: before you go changing anything you should backup your Zumo and SD card by dragging a copy to your desktop, just in case you....get creative :)