After seeing a torrent of comments under the “10 Commandments of ADV Riding” post, I couldn’t help but come up with another list – this time, the ten sins of ADV Riding. Inspired by the ADV Rider inmates, I’m putting together a list of the most hideous ADV sins out there – starting with what you have offered up. Here are my favorites:

@jonz :Thou shalt not define what is an adventure for others nor tell them how to ride it at what speed

Touche! The ADV crowd is among the most diverse moto communities out there, and whether it’s round the world in sixty days or two years from Arizona to Chile, thumbs up and godspeed.

@PackinDirt Thou shalt perform no hero sh%t whilst riding the world

Couldn’t agree more.

@Davidc83 Thou shalt not ride above your skill level

Another good one – I for one am guilty of trying to keep up with faster riders when I had no business doing so, but luckily, lessons learned the easy way. Always ride your own ride!

@Quinton van Eeden leave nothing behind except your tracks and good vibes

So on point! Nothing worse than campers leaving trash and mess behind.

@Seth S Thou shalt assist all turtles across the road

This one’s my favorite by far – not assisting wildlife is against all that is holy in the ADV world!

If I had to add to the list of the ten sins of ADV riding, I’d also mention these: thinking you’re better/wiser/more experienced than everyone else, taking yourself too seriously, expecting locals to cater to you, and yelling at border officials because you.need.your.paperwork.processed.yesterday!

What would you add to the list and what are the biggest ADV riding sins out there in your opinion? Share in the comments below!

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