Want to buy a race bike that wasn’t raced, but was ridden on-track by one of the fastest riders in the world? Good news, then! Jonathan Rea has decided to put his 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R up for sale.

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to World Superbike for the past decade, you know Jonathan Rea has been unstoppable. Since switching from Ten Kate to the Kawasaki factory team in 2014, Rea has won six straight Superbike titles, and he’s currently leading the 2021 season. He may be the world’s most successful motorcycle racer to never make a serious attempt at MotoGP, a different kind of alien that’s content to stay in production-based racing. Indeed, his lap times have been within spitting distance of GP champions’ times in the past few years.

The bike seen here is Rea’s personal training machine; he would have used it on-track, but he didn’t race it. Provec Racing has it listed on eBay, with the auction ending on June 4, 2021. Here are some more details on the machine.

A solid foundation

The 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R was a generational leap over the previous model. No doubt Rea bought this machine to familiarize himself with the bike, as there were many changes over the 2015 model—the ad says Rea actually used it in his training program. You can watch him ride it here:

When it was unveiled in October of 2015, Kawasaki said the ZX-10R made 207 horsepower with ram air, and 207 hp and 83 ft-lb of torque. The stock machine came with fully-adjustable Showa forks and shock, supposedly copied from the World Superbike machine,. The ZX-10R also featured next-generation electronics (at least, for 2016), with an IMU (inertial measurement unit) that helped manage ABS and traction control functions. The bike also came with adjustable engine braking, a quickshifter, launch control, and other modern features. Kawasaki also refined the inline four’s gearbox, and added Brembo M50 monobloc brake calipers.

Rea actually currently owns the bike, and it has UK papers and plates. However, it would need considerable work (re-installing lights, etc.) to put it back to street-friendly form.

This bike may not have been raced, but it has seen many racetrack-worthy modifications. Photo: eBay

Mods mods mods!

The stock array of techno-goodies and horsepower was not enough for Mister Rea. As any moto-enthusiast would do, he threw a long list of upgrades at the bike. Here’s the list, as per the ad:


  • Super low kms engine
  • Electrical loom and racing kit ECU
  • Akrapovic full exhaust system (muffler, link pipe and headers)
  • Catch tank with Kawasaki kit regulator
  • Taleo cooling system
  • Samco sport hoses
  • Renthal chain and sprockets – final gearing 520
  • GB Racing engine protections


  • Showa full race kit Superstock tuning
  • Head pipe with ‘racing offset’ made by Provec Racing
  • Racing handlebars and footsteps made by Provec Racing
  • J.Juan brake lines
  • K-tech steering damper


  • x2 Speedfiber fairing sets, KRT Winter Test colours
  • x2 wheel sets
  • Dismounted standard exhaust system
  • Dismounted standard road kit lights, plate, mirrors, etc.

Quite a healthy list of upgrades. Those one-off parts made by Provec Racing would be particularly cool, as you probably can’t buy them on the open market, period. As the ad indicates. the bike comes in KRT Winter Test colours, with Kawasaki/Monster/Elf/Motocard/Akrapovic graphics. At this point, the bike is in storage at KRT/Provec Racing’s headquarters in Barcelona.

This is a rare chance to buy an all-time great’s bike, and I suspect COVID finances may have something to do with it. Sponsorships aren’t what they used to be. Photo: eBay

But wait, there’s more!

Along with the bike itself, Provec is also offering a meet-up with Rea and the KRT crew as part of the purchase package. The buyer gets VIP pass for a World Superbike round of their choice, including a box tour, hospitality lunch, paddock access and more. The sale comes with some KRT gear signed by Jonathan Rea, and he’ll sign the bike if you want. Rea will also give the new owner a rundown of the bike’s modifications, explaining what was changed and why.

What’s the price?

As this is an eBay auction, just about anyone in the world can bid. At time of writing, the price is almost $47,000 USD, and no doubt it will rise over coming days. Along with the price of the bike, expect shipping fees, import fees (to a non-UK buyer), and so on.

For much less money, you could buy an actual racebike, even a national series-winning bike, but it wouldn’t be a Jonathan Rea-owned machine. Photo: eBay

For that kind of money, or less, you could buy a used IOMTT race bike, or maybe even a World Superbike team’s cast-off machine. Or, for that matter, a Dakar race bike, if your tastes run in that direction. At the national series level, you can get a cracking superbike for even less. For instance, CSBK’s GOAT Jordan Szoke advertised three of his litrebikes last winter. He wanted $30,000 CAD for his undefeated 2020 Kawasaki ZX-10R, $36,000 CAD for his 2018 BMW S1000RR, and $22,000 for his 2010 Honda CBR1000RR (also with an undefeated season to its credit, and assembled by Miguel Duhamel). Now, Szoke’s reputation is far from Jonathan Rea’s, but you can’t argue that those are all amazing championship-winning machines in Szoke’s hands, and loaded with an array of aftermarket parts on par with Rea’s machine.

But again—Szoke isn’t Johnny Rea, and if you want a machine from the winningest guy in World Superbike, this ZX-10R auction might be the closest you’ll ever get. More details at the eBay auction here, and if an inmate buys it, please, won’t you let us take iT for a spin?

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