You may have already read our article on Wendy Crockett and her amazing 2019 Iron Butt Rally win.  One commenter asked if we could do more in-depth coverage of the win and Wendy herself.  Well, we reached out to Wendy and she has agreed to an interview.

Wendy’s accomplishment is a very significant one.  Iron Butt competition requires multiple skill sets.  You can’t just go out and ride.

One of the major skills is concentration.  You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times and follow the route you planned.  You can’t allow distraction, weather, etc. interfere with your plan.  As the distances increase, after long hours in the saddle, one of the first things to go is your concentration.

Wendy Crockett’s impressive 2019 Iron Butt winning route. Image credit: Wendy Crockett

While it was no surprise that Wendy has the skill to win the Iron Butt Rally, it was her ability to maintain the maximum concentration necessary considering one issue that would certainly hamper mine.

Wendy’s mom is fighting kidney disease.  It’s taking its toll and Wendy is hopeful that a donor can be found in time.  But without one, Wendy’s mom’s chances are limited.

So if you’ve ever considered becoming a kidney donor, here’s your chance!  You can contact Wendy through her Facebook page if you are serious about donation.

We’ll have more about Wendy Crockett and her win in the not too distant future.

Featured image credit: Wendy Crockett

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