Spy photos of what could be KTM’s 2020 or 2021 1290 Super Adventure have emerged.  With sharp edges and more angular lines, the bike looks bigger than it currently is.

Lots Of Bodywork

There’s lots more bodywork on this version of the machine.  Looking rough-hewn and angular, the bodywork does not look close to production standards.   Much more of the engine is now covered and if this is the final version of the bodywork, one could reasonably wonder how well engine heat could be dissipated.

Some of the bodywork seems to have taken cues from KTM’s new 790 Adventure.  It sports the low bulges of the low mounted fuel tank from the 790 Adventure.  Whether this is a styling point or an actual fuel tank is not clear.

The bodywork extends around the front side of the bike looking something like a front mounted bash plate.

Front End Revisions

The front of the bike is also different.  It’s wider and flatter than the current bike.  The windshield has also been revised.  It too is bigger and more angular. It does look adjustable; potentially electrically since we don’t see a manual adjustment knob on either side of the bike.

A small light is mounted below the front fascia and may just be there to comply with regs until KTM finishes the design of the front fascia. Based on the large slit on the front of the bike, it will likely still have the same “two-sided” LED headlight as the current bike.

Split Radiators?

At first blush, it looks like KTM has revised the radiator into two smaller sections outside the front wheels.  We can’t see the radiators themselves, but there are two aluminum guards to the side and no other sign of the radiator is visible.

It makes sense that the radiator(s) is/are moved away from the path stones etc. thrown off by the front tire.  But from the spy shots, it’s difficult to tell for sure.

Ergonomics seem to have been adjusted somewhat.  There is a split seat arrangement, but the rider’s saddle looks somewhat lower.

WP branded forks continue to appear at the front of the bike.  The photos do not allow a good view of the rear shock.  But it’s not unreasonable to think that a WP branded unit will also be retained.

There is a large welded metal box mounted to the left rear of the bike.  It’s difficult to tell what it is for, but a fair guess would be testing instrumentation or perhaps a fuel cell?

Is It Real?

The bodywork looks very rough.  It almost looks like the left side of the upper fairing has been welded to the top of the tank.  There’s a bright seam at the junction of the two.  In any event, would KTM add more bodywork to its already largest machine?  What would the weight, heat and production consequences be?

Ultimately, these pictures make you wonder.  The shots are crystal clear, not hurried and somewhat blurry like spy shots mostly are.  And, there are lots of them, all very clear.  Hmm…  Is KTM up to something?

Whatever it is, it’s different and potentially an indicator of the 2020 or 2021 KTM Super Adventure.

All photos are credited to RideApart.

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