Triumph continues too tease its new Tiger 1200 adventure bike, with another video promo that shares a key engine detail.

In the description for the video above, Triumph says the new bike (which we first saw at the start of September) will come with a T-plane triple engine.

Triumph used this engine layout before, on the Tiger 900. The T-plane configuration sees the first and third crankpins set 180 degrees apart, and the middle crankpin set 90 degrees apart from them. Combined with a 1-3-2 firing order, this results in the “T-plane” configuration, and improved tractability at low rpm, better off-road performance and more refinement on the street. Also, it’s supposed to deliver more “character,” whatever that means.

Likely, the engine will feel similar to the 900, just with more jam everywhere in the rev range.

What else do we learn from the promo vid? Errrr, not much, especially since half of the video simply consists of a black-and-white Triumph logo. Sigh. Triumph’s marketeers do seem to imply the new Tiger is going to be more aggressive in the dirt when compared to the previous versions, and with Ricky Carmichael on board with the company’s offroad efforts, no doubt the company’s sharpest minds are learning from the MX legend, improving their suspension and handling.

The Tiger 1200 will be fully revealed soon, but until then, it’s good to take a step back and see how much Triumph is changing as a company these days. Long seen as “that company that specializes in modern-day Brit bikes and naked bikes,” Triumph seems to be making a serious play for a larger piece of the ADV market, along with its aggressive move into the dirt bike world. How will KTM and BMW respond? Stay tuned!

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