Regardless of what bike you ride and what storage space you have in your panniers or saddle bags, the lighter and smaller your stuff is, the easier the ride. There are lots of tips and techniques that can make motorcycle packing easy, but you can also try these three items and see if your stuff can be put away more effectively, ending the kitchen sink jokes once and for all.

Compression bags

These are amazing at saving space and you can stuff just about anything into them – your sleeping bag and sleeping pad, warm clothes, spare gloves or thermals. This Sea to Summit compression bag has a handy rolltop and is completely waterproof for all sorts of scenarios on the road.

Vacuum Bags

If you carry an extravagant wardrobe on your bike (more than three T shirts, that is), these vacuum bags are your best bet to keep the bulk to a minimum. They don’t look like much, but you’ll be amazed how much space they can save! Plus, they’re great at keeping your dirty socks and shirts separated from your clean stuff. Only downside is, they start leaking air with time and wear. Mine lasted for about six months before they started allowing air in.

Packing cubes

Have you ever had to dig deep, deep into your panniers just to find one tiny item you’d forgotten to pack towards the top? Yeah. To avoid rummaging through your stuff and making a mess each time you need your winter gloves or your mosquito repellent that has moved to the bottom of your luggage, organize your stuff with these packing cubes and say goodbye to pannier chaos.

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

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