Thoughts of riding the TAT, UTBDR, COBDR, NMDBR, CDR or just riding in the 4 corners area? A waypoint to add to your GPS is the 3 Step Hideaway, owned and run by Scott aka DingWeed and his wife Julie.

A great location, amazing food, and incredible hospitality

Take note, there are two waypoints for the location, one is the start of the driveway the other is the actual location of the property while is just over one mile down the dirt track the property is NOT visible from Lisbon Valley Rd –

N38 06.246 W109 05.546 (Our Driveway)
N38 05.542 W109 04.903 (3 Step Hideaway)


Tell us about yourselves? 

Julie and I got back into motorcycling in 2005 after being out of it for about 23years! Life, kids, working too much, etc. etc! We purchased a Goldwing trike and put approximately 60,000 miles on it in 3 years, riding all over the west, and parts of Canada! Fantastic Time!!

I got the bug for off-road riding, and found Bigdogadventures on ADVrider one day, and got hooked on dual-sport riding!

I met Mark Sampson AKA Bigdog in 2010 when he and I rode our own route from Mexico to Canada and back…..mostly on dirt!

We had never met before, and he came to my house in Tucson, AZ.  We rode for a month together and have been the Best of Friends ever since!

BigDog/DingWeeds-Mex/Can AndThenSome

Then the next year we decided to go to Alaska!

BigDog/Dingweed: Winging It To Alaska

Lots of rides together since then! Great times with a Great Friend!

We have since met a lot of our very close friends on ADVrider!


Tell us about 3 step hideaway, what were your humble beginnings, how the business started and where did the inspiration come from?

We found 3 Step thru another ADVrider inmate!

3 Step is right on the Trans America Trail. Sam Correro is a friend of ours, and has a lot of riders doing the TAT!

The UTBDR crosses Lisbon Valley Rd about 14 miles north of us as well! One can also intercept the COBDR in approximately 70 miles east, on dirt!

The location was perfect with amazing riding opportunities in all directions!


How are ADVrider inmates a part of your business?

Probably 95% of our guests are riders!……and most are ADVrider inmates!

We have found that the nicest people are inmates!!

Can you give us a basic tour? 

3 Step Hideaway is located on a refurbished 1890’s homestead.  We are completely off-grid, Solar-powered with very good well water.

Everything is on the honor system here: if you need gas or cold drinks, get it and write your name and what you got, on a pad of paper always on top of the bar, in the Cantina! …and we settle up before you leave!


When did you first open and how is business compared now to then?

We opened for guests on May 3rd, 2013, and have grown steadily each year since. Booking up to a year in advance.


If I wanted to come and stay but wasn’t familiar with the area could you help me with tracks/ routes to ride dependent on my ability?

We have lots of GPS tracks available for all bikes! Day loops for little bike experts, Intermediate, and big bike friendly rides are all on the menu! They go in all directions, for all bikes!

We have tracks available from mild to wild, for every style of rider.


Do you do any events I could come and meet other like-minded riders?

We host several events each year.

  • Our 3 Step Rendezvous, one in May and the other is September 26th -29th in a few weeks, have become popular. (See our website for details.)
  • We are also hosting the ADVrider DR650 thread Rally (here at 3 Step September 6-9)
  • Motodiscovery Dualsport riding classes, Dirt Bike Safety Training (Dirt First), the Dualsportschool, and private groups, to name a few.


When would be a good time to come and ride in Utah that riders may think differently? 

The best weather is May-June and then about late August to late October!

July can be a little warm…..but we are 2,400 ft higher than Moab, so our temps are approximately 12-14 degrees cooler than Moab, high temps in the 80s to mid-90s.


What do I need to bring with me? Can you explain the differences of tent/ teepee/ cabin/ showers/ food etc?

Our larger Family cabin and modest Homestead cabin have full amenities with kitchens and bathrooms.

Our Rustic Cabins have 2-twin beds with bedding and a composting toilet.

Or a cot in a Tepee (bring your own bedroll), with the bathhouse close by.

We also offer Tent camping and RV Dry camping (we are totally off-grid, so no hook-ups).

With our Cabins,  breakfast is included in the price. We typically offer an evening meal as well for an additional cost. If you would like to have supper with us, we need confirmation by noon the day you arrive, so that we can put your name in the pot!


Are you easy to find, and can I use your location as a base and go for different daily rides?

We are kinda out in the “Middle of Nowhere” …….but…….we have a directions page and coordinates, on our website! Or just type in “3 Step Hideaway” into Google maps, and it will bring you in!

By all means, use our place as a base camp for day rides! There is so much to see and do close by!


Do you offer any other services? 

We offer a bike shop with bike lifts, tools, oil, tires, misc. spare parts, welder, etc!

Everybody is welcome to ship tires, or their bike, or whatever, here and pick it up when you come thru!

Everyone is welcome to use the shop…….we have a jar on the bench for Shop Supply Donations (as a testament to the caliber of people that come here to 3 Step, mostly ADV inmates, we have never lost a tool in 6 years of being open!)

We also have a bike storage barn for guys that live far away and want to just fly in and ride! We can offer a shuttle service to and from Moab Airport as well!


Which is your most popular event that I should look to book in advance?

All of our events are becoming pretty popular, Alpine Rendevous is a good fun one. Cabins fill up quickly and we are limited in capacity by our water and power, so book your spot as early as you can!


Do you have any events coming up soon?

It will be a Fantastic September with lots of riders coming thru!

ADVrider inmates make up a large number of our guests. We try to keep our prices as low as we can so that everyone can enjoy this area. That is why we have so many kinds of lodging options!


Hope to see you soon!

Scott and Julie

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