What comes to mind when you think of adventure riding around the world? The Himalayas? Namibia? South America? You may be surprised how many places that are great for ADV riding are out there. Here are some of the most unexpected ones.

Newfoundland, Canada

Most riders swear by Western Canada and the Rockies when it comes to adventure riding, but the East has got a lot to offer, too. Newfoundland is Canada’s best kept secret when it comes to adventure riding: stunning wild nature, great food, lots of off-road tracks in the forests to choose from, awesome little fishermen’s villages and amazing local hospitality – Newfoundland’s got it all. Including, among other things, the beginning point of the Trans Canada Trail and the awesome fact that St Johns has more pubs per square mile than any other city in Canada.

Island of Crete, Greece

Crete is a true paradise for off road riding in Europe. Beautiful mountains and valleys, gorges and wild beaches, olive groves and hundreds of single tracks crisscrossing the whole island make for a perfect ADV getaway. Add affordability, unique culture, great food and bike-friendly vibe, and you have the perfect European adventure spot.

Make sure to visit Crete in late September through to January when it’s off season: you’ll have the whole place to yourself and get better hotel deals than during the busy summer period.


Mexico might be one of the more popular destinations south of the US border, but Guatemala, the first Central American country past Mexico, deserves just as much praise. While some paved roads in Guatemala are so potholed you feel like riding on a concrete Swiss cheese, off road riding here is spectacular – and often much safer than in Mexico. Affordable, accessible and hospitable, Guatemala can be a great extension of your adventures in Mexico and beyond.

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