Looking for ADV destinations for short trips? Not a lot of riders can quit their jobs, pack up their entire lives, and take off for years to roam the Earth. That doesn’t mean your travels need to be limited to your own country, however. With so many cheap flights and different motorcycle rentals available all around the world, a week or ten days can be enough for an epic adventure. Here are four ADV destinations you can explore on your vacation.


Just a ferry ride away from Spain, Morocco is the perfect gateway into Africa. Mountains and deserts, paved roads and remote dirt tracks, lush beach resorts and forgotten outback villages – Morocco has got it all, and with so many bike rental and tour options available, it’s an excellent destination to explore on two wheels.

4 ADV Destinations You Can Explore In a Week ADV Rider

Morocco: the gateway into Africa


I’ve already talked about riding Georgia in a recent article. This small mountain country in the Caucasus is one of Europe’s most impressive corners. More off-road options than anywhere else, great food, amazing hospitality, and unique culture make Georgia a bucket list country to see. Check it out before it gets crowded!

4 ADV Destinations You Can Explore In a Week ADV Rider

Georgia, the jewel of the Caucasus


Portugal may be small, but it’s so diverse it’s one of my favorite countries in Europe when it comes to adventure riding. On or off the road, Portugal has incredible terrain, breath-taking landscapes, great food, and so much to discover you’re likely to keep coming back.

4 ADV Destinations You Can Explore In a Week ADV Rider

The otherworldly beaches of Algarve, Portugal


If you could take the best of South America and squeeze it into one country, it would be Ecuador. It’s smaller than most South American countries, but it’s among the most diverse: you can experience the Pacific coast, the Andes, and the Amazon within a matter of days, without covering long distances. In addition, Ecuador’s got active volcanoes, the most biodiversity in South America, the weird and wonderful Galapagos, amazing wildlife, and great roads. What are you waiting for?

4 ADV Destinations You Can Explore In a Week ADV Rider

Friendly Ecuadorian llamas and alpacas

Images: Pixabay


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