Not sure if the guys were entertaining themselves or planning to entertain the viewers and customers, either way, both happen in this video series.

Taking a long motorcycle trip nowadays is not as easy as it was a year ago! Some states in full or partial lockdown or maybe you simply don’t want to go that far from your front door…but you still want a challenge.

The guys at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC felt the same way so they challenged themselves.

Any member of the crew (you may know or have spoken to a few of them in the past) that wanted to join their hare-brained scheme/ challenge, had a couple of simple rules to follow

  • find a bike for $500 or less (I would struggle in my area to find one)
  • fix it if need be
  • ride it through Utahs Five Miles of Hell

For those of you who are familiar this is how BLM describes Five Miles of Hell:

The famous Five Miles of Hell trail is the most challenging single track dirt bike trails in Utah. This trail is popular with trials riders, mountain bikers or anyone wanting to test their skills on a dirt bike.

Where is it? Roughly in this vicinity, If you want a kml file, this is a site that has more details

Part 1, trying to find a bike for under $500, I’m still not sure how they did this, you can ask them yourself!

Part 2, getting the bikes back to the shop to see what they and the other have got themselves into!


My favorite comment for this part – “damn Rocky Mountain out here making better mini-series than Netflix”

Part 3, stripping them down and seeing what needs to be done and if they can get them running

My favorite comment for this part – “This is one of the most fun videos I have seen online in a long time. I get so tired of the people showing the 2020 bikes on these trails. Most of us can’t afford that, so THIS is what most of us can afford!”


Part 4, the test rides

My favorite comment for this part – “This is a top-gear type series for dirtbikes”

Part 5, the challenge begins, time to head to 5MOH

My favorite comment for this part – “5 bikes from Hell would be a more appropriate title…”


Part 6, the debrief

My favorite comment for this part – “Awesome series, for so many reasons. It’s “real” instead of being ads the whole way through, or lame edits or perfect riders or anything!”


and if you are wondering what the trail run at speed looks like, click here

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