Ready to learn a new language for your upcoming RTW trip? With so many free language apps out there, gone are the days when you had to enroll in expensive language courses or get a tutor. Nowadays, all you need is a phone app, and you’re good to go…Or are you? In addition to apps, here are some quick hacks to learn a new language faster:

  • read familiar books in the language you’re studying. Reading the “Little Prince” in Spanish boosted my castellano in just a few days, and Goethe is responsible for my passable German. Pick books that you’ve read many times, then get a copy in the new language and see if that helps!
  • The same goes for movies – Mexican soap operas are perfect to brush up on your Spanish skills.
  • find local riders’ via Facebook groups and try communicating with them in the language you’re learning. Sharing moto-related words and phrases with native speakers always help!

Best Language Apps

Now for the language apps: there’s no shortage of both free and paid apps, but which one are the most effective? Here’s a list of my favorites:

Duo Lingo

With over 100,000 million users, Duo Lingo is the most popular language app out there. Offering addictive interface and easy learning tasks, Duo Lingo is ideal to learn the basics quickly – all you need is ten minutes a day. The app is free to use.

Trip Lingo

Aimed specifically at travelers, Trip Lingo offers quick and easy lessons including an inbuilt voice translator in case of an emergency and local slang phrases instead of textbook materials. Perfect to have on your phone on the go! The free version only gives you access to 15% of resources available, but it’s still worth trying it out.

Hi Native

Based on conversations with real native speakers, this app offers an insight into local cultures in addition to learning the language. Perfect if you’re looking for more in-depth learning.

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