As the winter months are when most riders begin their riding towards southern climbs how about a few useful phrases to make your life a little easier on those first few days across the border.

Spanish lessons are great fun but before you get to that location where your lessons are taking place, these phrases (mostly) are used on a regular basis and would be a good idea to memorize.

Yes, your pronunciation might be a little off, but it’s better to make a small effort than nothing. When you do take your Spanish lessons get your teacher to help you with your pronunciation.

Learning to pronounce the letters of the alphabet correctly will be a huge help.

If there’ss any other phrases you use a lot, add please put them in the comments below

English Espanol
How do you say this? (to learn the new word) ¿Cómo se dice/llama (esto)?
Full tank of regular (premium) gasoline please. Sin Plomo/(Súper) 95/98, lleno, por favor
I will pay in cash (by credit card). Pagaré en efectivo (con tarjeta de crédito)
Excuse me. Please show me how to use this. Por favor, ¿podría enseñarme como funciona esto?
Where is X? ¿Dónde se encuentra X?
Can I camp here? ¿Puedo acampar aquí?
Can I park my motorcycle here? ¿Puedo aparcar (estacionar Mex) mi moto aquí?
I have a flat tire He tenido un pinchazo / Tengo una rueda pinchada (ponchado Mex)
The engine will not start. El motor no arranca
How much does it cost for one night? ¿Cuánto cuesta una noche?
Do you have a room available? ¿Tiene una habitación libre?
borders with ‘x’ Fronteras con X
motorcycle shop Taller de motocicletas
police Policía
ambulance Ambulancia
map Mapa


For more Spanish there is a good amount of information with lots of links to help you learn before you go in the IMS thread – HERE

And a few ways of learning, more help HERE

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