If you know dirt bikes, you probably know Husqvarna. Their 2-stroke TE 300i and 4-stroke FE350 have received the Rockstar (energy drink) treatment for 2022. These graphics mirror Husky’s racing team bikes, but it’s not just Bold New Graphics.

These special edition bikes make the already expensive Huskies more expensive, but let’s dig into the specs and see if the upgrades are worth it.

Yes, some folks value looks above everything, and the graphics alone will sell them.

Pictures courtesy Husqvarna

What’s Up With The Special Edition?

Along with their extreme prettification, both Huskies get upgraded brakes. Instead of the Magura brakes fitted to the stock TE, the special edition gets the Brembo treatment, paired with Galfer discs. The Supersprox rear sprocket upgrade drives Michelin enduro tires. Soft ODI grips and a high-grip seat cover finish off the special edition in the looks department. The Rockstar edition seat is ribbed. I’ll leave the jokes to the comment section.

Both bikes also sport Technical Accessories CNC-machined blue anodized triple clamps, and Husky powder coated the chromium molybdenum steel frames in a gloss black.

The bikes’ upgraded Twin Air air filters are accessible without the use of tools, which, if you’ve ever had to knock the stuff out of your air filter mid-ride, you’ll probably appreciate.

If you don’t know a whole lot about the 2-stroke Husky TE 300i, well, I found a pretty cool video that breaks it all down for you. Note, this is the standard edition, so imagine it even prettier with a bunch of upgrades.

The price for these special editions remains unpublished on the Husqvarna website. The standard 2022 edition of the TE 300i is about $10,600, and the FE 350 rolls in around $10,900, so you can imagine the special editions will be … more. Do all those upgrades make the price tags worth it? I suppose if you  were already shopping for what the company touts as being some of the best, lowest maintenance, and easiest to ride dirt bikes, you wouldn’t sneeze at another thousand bucks or so.

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