As we’re entering a strange new era of total lockdowns and social distancing, and in some parts of the world, are even unable to ride our bikes locally due to strict quarantine measures, we still care about adventure riding and motorcycles in general. However, as we’re physically unable to go on adventures right now, we’re naturally moving online. And while this is the perfect time to delve into some ride reports we’ve been putting off reading or watch some amazing Youtube content or adventure films, it feels like there’s a growing need for something more.

What could that be, and are we entering a new era of ADV storytelling?

Travel Stories

Adventure travel stories in the form of ride reports, books, blogs, and websites will never go out of fashion. Regardless of when the actual journey had happened, reading about other people’s adventures is an excellent way to pass time if you’re practising social distancing at home. For riders currently stuck or stranded abroad, this is an opportunity to catch up – posting  new blog entries and updating their followers is what a lot of travelers seem to be doing right now, and we’re happily tuning in.

Live Streaming

Will we see an increase in Facebook live events now? As we all thirst for real-time connection, tuning in to riders’ live events seems like an amazing way to stay connected and feel less isolated. Even if you weren’t on the road and are staying at home safely, hosting your own live event can now be a great way to chat to your riding buddies, or perhaps even connect with travelers you’ve always wanted to talk to. People are opening up their schedules and welcoming Skype and Zoom calls, live streaming, and real-time communication. Can we maybe do some live streaming from our garages and share what bike builds or mods we’re doing while we’re all grounded? Or perhaps we could live stream conversations with some of the world’s foremost adventure riders, like Baldy is doing with Lyndon Poskitt?


Recently, audiobooks have been growing faster than Kindle books, and this trend is likely to explode now. Should we take a look at ADV storytelling, and perhaps compile an audiobook from the most-read Ride Reports on the forum?

Online courses

Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy – all of the right platforms for accessible online courses already exist. Would you tune in for a lesson about creating your own off-road tracks, a quick Garmin course, or perhaps a tire changing masterclass?

What online content would you like to see more of right now? Let me know in the comments below.


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