The “bobber” motorcycle may well represent the coolest form a motorcycle can take – basic, cut-down, rebellious in nature and minimalist in appearance. Originally rider-modified versions of production motorcycles, the manufacturers eventually caught on and began creating bobbers right off the production line, with the Harley-Davidson Sportster being the classic example. The potential for style points in offering bobbers is not lost on the Asian manufacturers, but their models provide a much different take on the concept once they are tailored for that market. The new Hyosung GV300SA may (sort of) look like a traditional American or British bobber, but it likely will not be taking over the western market any time soon.

Hyosung GV300SA. Credit: Hyosung

Hyosung GV300SA. Credit: Hyosung

Powered by a liquid-cooled, 296cc V-twin motor making just under 30 horsepower at a relatively peaky 8500 RPM, the GV won’t be taking many pink slips at late night drags, either. The “regular” GV300S makes due with conventional forks and lighting, but this new SA model features more modern inverted forks and LED lighting, and an updated LCD gauge pack. Along with the V-twin engine, complete with cooling fins, the GV also features traditional spoked wheels and a solo seat, which are traditional bobber staples.

Hyosung may not be a household name in the motorcycle game, but they are the leading manufacturer of motorcycles in Korea. Early on they produced Suzuki motorcycles under license for the Korean market, before branching off with their own designs, eventually exporting mostly smaller displacement machines to western markets.

The GV300SA is more likely to make waves in the Asian markets, where smaller displacement bikes are easier to purchase, insure, and get licenses for. So, while the GV has less than half the engine capacity of your typical American bobber, it should not have an issue appealing to those in markets where bigger means far more expensive. This actually fits with the boober philosophy of less-is-more quite well.


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