With international travel coming to a grinding halt this year, most of us are stuck riding our own countries for the foreseeable future. If you’re based somewhere like the US, Mexico, Canada, or Australia, you’re lucky. There are so many incredible places to ride and so much to explore. But what if you’re stuck in a small country you can ride across in a day, a country that’s flat as a tabletop and has exactly four curvy roads, most of those curves being traffic roundabouts? Or what if the off-road riding is severely limited in your area? What’s an adventure rider to do?

Adding flavor to your local rides might be a solution. Here’s how.

Food Tours

To literally add some flavor, you can plan a ride visiting your favorite food places across town, region, or the entire country. BBQ tour? A wine-tasting or craft beer-sampling tour? A tour involving cooking classes along the way? It may sound a little whacky, but why not? You’ll get to ride, eat well, and learn something new along the way.

Training Tours

If you’re stuck at home, now is the perfect time to brush up on those skills. Find an off-road school and go. Nobody is ever above training, and even if it’s just repeating the basics, you may still discover something new. Better yet, go on a training tour where you do several days of training, then put those newly acquired skills into practice riding some local trails. Or how about trying a completely new discipline, like booking a track day, a trials session, or doing some laps on a motocross track? Training always feels fantastic, you get a sense of accomplishment, and you come out a better rider. Win-win-win.


Even local rides you already know by heart can feel like an adventure if you’re riding with like-minded souls. Get your friends together, tell them to bring their friends, and organize a mini-rally or a group rideout – just because you can. Help newbie riders, learn from the vets, and have fun riding in a pack. Even if it’s typically not your thing, this is all about trying something new.


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