If you’re a morning person, adventuring is easy. Get up with the sun, make good use of daylight hours, hit the hay early, and life is good. ADV as a night owl, however, is a whole another ballgame: it takes a while to get up, get coffee, and get going, and once you arrive to your destination, you’re awake and wired till midnight…not the best scenario while traveling. So what’s a night owl to do?

As someone who has been suspicious of early mornings since I was about ten years old, getting up early is a struggle for me, and getting to sleep before midnight is near-impossible. And yet, wanting to make good use of daylight while riding, I’ve got to make it work; here’s what’s helped so far:

Good Coffee

If I know there’s a long day ahead, I make a deal with myself. I’ll get up early…provided there’ll be good coffee available. And lots of it, otherwise I’m dead to the world until 8am – not a good policy when you’ve got a long distance to cover.

No Screens Past 8

As a freelancer, I have a complete control of my working hours – which is a blessing and a curse.  Every now and again, even the best laid plans go wrong, and I end up working after the ride well into 9 PM; not good, as it leaves me wired and unable to sleep till midnight or later. As much as I can, I try to stick to no-screen policy after 8PM.

Short Off-Road Distances

More and more, I find myself preferring smaller dirt roads rather than pavement. Trouble is, off-road distances always turn out to take longer than paved routes; because of that, I’ve learned to keep them short – 100 or 150 kilometers a day at most, allowing plenty of time for the aforementioned coffees, lots of photo stops, and chilled out riding.


How do you ADV as a night owl? Share the hacks in the comments below!

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