As most of us are stuck in quarantine, either abroad or at home, reading is one of the ways to have armchair adventures – at least, until we can ride and travel again. While there’s tons of ADV footage on YouTube, plenty of Ride Reports in the forum, and no shortage of ADV blogs out there, for me, books and audiobooks are still the best media to experience someone else’s story.

Here are some of my favorites:

Chantal Simons: “She’ll Be Right”

A 250cc bike, two suitcases instead of panniers, and the spirit of adventure: Dutch rider Chantal’s book, “She’ll Be Right!”, is a guaranteed way to get a healthy dose of positivity and inspiration. Chantal writes candidly and openly, holding nothing back, and her book is a fantastic read about motorcycling and exploring Australia.

ADV Books for Lockdown

Lois Pryce: Revolutionary Ride

With so many riders having traveled across Iran, this country no longer seems so mysterious or exotic as it had a decade ago. But what about a woman rider crossing it solo? Lois Pryce’s book, “Revolutionary Ride”, isn’t just about motorcycles and traveling: it’s full of intriguing insights on Iran’s culture, history, and people.

Nathan Millward: The Long Ride Home. Sydney to London

Nathan Millward, a motorcycle traveler, journalist, and now a tour guide, has a crazy story to tell: tiny bike, huge distance, and a milk crate for luggage all the way from Sydney to London.

Joey Evans: Para to Dakar

Joey Evans has been featured a lot here on ADV Rider lately, and for good reason. Having experienced a horrific crash and recovered from being paralyzed, the South African rider has since finished Rally Dakar and the Africa Eco Race. How is this humanly possible? Read his book to find out.

What are your favorite ADV books and authors, and why? let me know in the comments below.

Featured image: Pixabay

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