MV Agusta says it’s ready for change. After years of selling the same-old, same-old F3 and F4 platforms, the Italian manufacturer says it’s on track to bring out new adventure bikes and electric motorcycles.

Wait—we’ve heard this before. We’ve seen rumours of the MV Agusta adventure bike project for at least a year now, and talk of electric motorcycles for months as well, with no tangible results. Why would now be any different?

First off, while COVID-19 is still disrupting the moto-industry, the industry has learned how to work around it, unlike a year ago, when the MV Agusta plant shut down.

Second, MV Agusta says the company just had a 30 million Euro share capital increase “aiming at the continuation of the worldwide growth of the Company.” It’s the latest cash infusion in a saga that’s gone on for years. MV Agusta has suffered from well-known money problems; since the Sardararov family assumed control in 2019, sorting that issue out has been top priority. The company says that since then, “more than 150M€ have been injected into the business to support operations and the investments of the new industrial plan. MV Agusta is now in a very strong position to step-up the execution of its strategic plan.

Well—either the management is throwing more good money after bad, or they’re closer to turning MV Agusta around.

Changes to the US operation

One key to rejuvenating MV Agusta’s business will be overhauling operations in the US. North America seems to have been low on MV Agusta’s priority list in recent years, having been run through the company’s Australian subsidiary. Now, there are personnel changes to put the US operations back on track, as the brand reboots its American presence. Asphalt & Rubber reports MV has signed on moto industry insider Christian Henderson (most recently with Triumph, for the past eight years) as CEO of MV Agusta USA. Will this sort out the company’s American business back? Stay tuned.

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