ADV life is never the same… or is it? Inspired by this hilarious post about what defines a real adventure rider, I’ve come up with a short compilation of GIFs best-explaining life on the road.

When you leave for your first big trip:

5 years into your trip:

When you know your GPS is right:

When you’ve convinced everyone your GPS is right but it led to a dead end:

When you have less luggage than everybody else:

When people have less luggage than you:

When you realize you don’t have a flat tire, it’s just fine gravel:

When people explain why you’re on the “wrong” bike:

[Censored by the editor, use your imagination]

When you explain to people why they’re on the “wrong” bike:

When you see someone on the same bike as you:

When no one has the same bike as you:

When you know you have the right paperwork for a border crossing:

When you realize you don’t have the insurance for the next border crossing:

When they let you cross anyway:

When people ask if they can take a photo of your bike…:

…without you on it:

When people try to lean or sit on your bike without asking:

When people tell you you have their dream bike:

When you see someone on a newer model of your bike:




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