According to digital content pundits, voice is set to take over from written text – and, likely, even video, as we’re ever busier and listening to a podcast on the go is often more convenient than reading or watching. The way we consume moto media is changing, and moto podcasts may just become the next big thing – if it hasn’t already. While there are several general motorcycling podcasts, including women’s moto shows, the selection is much smaller when it comes to adventure motorcycle content. Currently, the two biggest adventure motorcycle podcasts seem to be the Adventure Rider Radio and Gravel Travel:

Adventure Rider Radio

Going strong since 2014, Adventure Rider Radio is the biggest and probably best-known ADV moto podcast out there. Hosted by Jim Martin, Adventure Rider Radio covers every aspect of adventure motorcycling from bikes, gear, and camping equipment to interviews with RTW and long-distance travelers and features on different aspects of ADV’ing, be it the mental skills, couple travel, or photography. Adventure Rider Radio also hosts RAW, a live panel discussion between well-known adventure travelers and authors such as Sam Manicom, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix, Grant Johnson, and Michelle Lamphere.

Gravel Travel Adventure Motorcycling Podcast

Gravel Travel is a fairly new, South Africa – based project hosted by JJ le Roux, but the podcast is gaining traction fast: with guests like Joey Evans, Chriss Leatt, Bret Tkacs, and Kinga “On Her Bike” Tanajewska, JJ is exploring the ADV moto world from different perspectives. As the podcast grows, perhaps there’ll also be round table discussions and more adventure travel stories and ride reports on the menu.

Do you listen to ADV moto podcasts and if so, what are your favorites and why? Share the good stuff in the comments below!

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