If you’re planning an adventure motorcycle trip abroad, you have a few different options when it comes to finding a ride. You can always ship your own motorcycle, rent locally, or simply buy one in the country or region you’re planning to visit.

Shipping Your Own Motorcycle

Should you ship or not? This depends on a few different factors. First, how long is your planned adventure motorcycle trip? If you’re only going to ride for a couple of weeks, it’s not worth shipping your own bike – but if it’ll be over three months, it’s a valid choice. Second, where are you shipping to? A Darien gap crossing can be done cheaply, whereas shipping from South Africa to the US can leave a serious dent in your bank account. If you want to cover some serious overland distances, see if you can save by avoiding shipping and choosing the Alaska – Ushuaia or Europe – Malaysia routes.

Renting a Bike

As adventure motorcycle trips are growing more and more popular, bike rental companies are cropping up all over the world – including places like Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, and Namibia. If you’re planning a short trip and would prefer to fly in and out hassle-free, renting a motorcycle can be your best bet. Most motorcycle rental companies will offer both guided and self-guided tours as well as just rent bikes.

Buying Locally

Buying a motorcycle locally can save you lots of cash you’d otherwise spend on shipping or rent, provided you can sell the bike back or sell it in another country. Always make sure you can legally register the motorcycle as a foreigner and, if you’re planning to leave the country with it, that it’s allowed. At the end of your trip, if you’re not permitted to leave the bike in a different country, you can always sell it to another traveler!


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