This recipe pops thanks to quality Spanish prosciutto. I made it one night in camp whilst I was in southern Spain and didn’t realise that basically every supermarket in the country is closed on Sunday.

Thankfully, I had a packet of alfredo pasta and sauce and managed to buy some top notch cured ham at the liquor store. The Spanish have their priorities right. Grab some bread if you want to stretch it out to serve 2.



1 x packet of dried Alfredo pasta and sauce

2-3 slices of prosciutto



Use your hands to tear the prosciutto into bite sized pieces. Heat a fry pan over gas stove on high heat. Crisp prosciutto for a minute or two, turning with a fork to cook evenly. Remove from heat and set aside to cool in the pan. Allowing the prosciutto to cool will help it to become crisp.

Cook the pasta in the sauce with water as per packet directions in medium sized pot. When pasta is cooked to your liking, use your fork to remove it and place it in the fry pan with the prosciutto. Place the pot back on the gas and reduce the sauce until the consistency of thick cream.

Pour sauce over pasta and toss well with lots of black pepper.

Serves 1 -2


The prosciutto is used to give some crunch and texture which can be lacking in camp wet style meals. If you are going into back country and will have no access to anything fresh, take some pre-cooked bacon chips or dried sausage instead.


  • Any packet pasta and sauce which is creamy based will work for this
  • Substitute prosciutto for bacon
  • Dried sausage can be used if you have no access to shops
  • Fresh or canned mushrooms sautéed can replace prosciutto for a vegetarian option
  • Fresh, frozen, freeze dried or canned peas can be added for some colour and more veg

When in Spain! Make the most of the local specialities


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