One of the big topics of discussion on any adventure riding site is whether you had a good adventure.  People consistently argue back and forth as to what actually constitutes a one.  These arguments generally do not lead to a definition since defining it is quite difficult.  What is adventurous to one person may be a mere “meh” moment to others.

During my past career, I spent a long time working with engineers.  This group is comprised of heady, educated and organized people.  Measurement, analysis, charting, and review are high on their list of priorities.  Emotion plays no part in their analysis.  Facts, figures, and calculations guide their decisions.

So if you asked an engineer what constitutes an adventure ride, you might get something like this:

To whoever developed this flowchart; brilliant thinking.

I note that I did not develop this chart, I found the basic idea in an anonymous internet post.  I may have added a few of my own flowchart decision points during the re-development of the chart.

Clearly, this chart is just for fun.  But if you were developing a similar flow chart, what decision points would you add?

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