Riding is a necessity for some and a passion for others.  Regardless of your location people use motorcycles for purpose and pleasure.  Experience a problem though and suddenly we are one riding community.  Let’s take a quick spin around the world for a sample of riders as a way of life versus riders enjoying life.

Adventure riders live to experience rugged new lands and immerse themselves in different cultures.  Typically, we find local people riding out of necessity in conditions we’ve traveled thousands of miles to experience as our adventure.

Take this moment in Syria captured by Belal Khaled showing commuters riding in frigid temperatures on January 20 2020 in Syria.  The machine is perhaps a step up from either Equine, Camel or some four-legged predecessor, nevertheless the conditions would challenge the heartiest adventure rider – especially having to navigate the route daily!

Syria Commuters: https://www.trtworld.com/perspectives/in-pictures-harsh-winter-cripples-camps-near-idlib-syria-33124

Shift east several thousand kilometers to Mongolia where Nomadic herders dressed in the traditional Deel wrap are increasingly mounting cheap Chinese motorcycles and keeping their horses for ceremonial celebrations.  Several times while riding in Mongolia I’d come upon a lone local rider working to get a chain back on sprocket or simply righting an overturned machine.  Paying it forward is a way of life out here and it’s wise to join in with passion.

Mongolian Herders On Chinese Machines. Photograph by Kinga Tanajewska http://onherbike.com/

Complete the eastward jump to California and pleasure riders co-exist with those commuting out of necessity.  Here you find the “Lane Splitting” phenomena practiced expertly by daily commuters.  An enigma to be sure since the law is, there is no law.  Simply stated:  California law does not allow or prohibit motorcycles from passing other vehicles proceeding in the same direction within the same lane.  Nirvana to litigation attorneys across the state.

Make no mistake lane splitting is an art-form.   Watch any CHP officer lane split and witness poetry in motion.  Whenever I see one of these riders going up the middle I latch on like grim death and enjoy the ride.

What’s the point of all this you ask?  I submit to you that whether riding out of necessity or choice we’re all in this together and that proves itself repeatedly at roadside stops across the globe.  Stay safe out there friends – I may need your help one day!

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