The two things I miss about having a home the most is the ability to have real, paper books…and a dog. While I haven’t made the leap yet, taking a four-legged riding buddy on the bike seems like an idea that’s taking on: adventure riding with dogs is a thing, and riders have been taking their furry friends on trips around the world. Sidecars, tank bags, and even specialized dog carriers for motorcycles are all viable options to take a dog on a road trip, so if you’ve been racking your brains for a solution for your dog, here’s what other riders  have been doing:

Moto Mutt International

Israel Eugene Gillette is probably the most famous adventure traveler with a dog. His border collie Dan travels in a pannier secured with a harness, and the pair have been logging in some serious miles in North Aerica and around the world. While the pannier solution seems a little risky, Israel and Dan appear to be enjoying themselves wherever they go:

Chaparro Viajero: Tank Bag Dog

Rafael, a French rider I met in South America, travels with his dog Chaparro tucked cozily in the tank bag in front of him. Having covered several South American and European countries, Rafael and Chaparro makes adventure riding with dogs look easy:

Image: Raf Prod Photography

Doghouse on Wheels

Sidecar rigs, small trailers, spacious panniers, and tank bags seem to be the most popular choices for two-wheeled dog owners, but if you’re still undecided, some companies are working on more solid solutions. Pillion Pooch has designed a motorcycle-specific dog carrier that can accommodate a canine of any size, and it does look like the dogs are happy and comfortable on bikes:

So, yay or nay: would you go on an adventure ride with your dog?

Featured image: Pixabay

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