Adventure Spec has brought out a line of aftermarket parts for the Honda CRF450L.

The CRF450L may be positioned as a street-legal dual sport that leans heavily to the enduro side of the spectrum, but it’s getting easier and easier to set it up for long-distance adventure.

Adventure Spec’s lineup for the bike is well thought-out, including most of the bits you’d need when the going gets rough. There are rad braces, to protect the cooling system. There’s a luggage rack, with rear luggage supports, to keep your soft bags from burning on the exhaust pipe or swinging into the wheel. Adventure Spec has also brought out a skid plate that looks to cover much more of the engine than you’d usually get with the wimpy plastic stockers that come on most Japanese dual sports, and there’s also a tail tidy bracket for cleaning up the rear fender, and a mini-fairing to cut windblast (always welcome on a stripped-down enduro).

You can see Adventure Spec’s lineup for the CRF450L here.

Although the CRF450L hasn’t been on the market long, it’s created no small amount of buzz, and plenty of buyers are keen to try one out and see its limits. There are already aftermarket tanks built to extend its range (check out IMS), and Australian dirtbiking gurus B&B Off Road Engineering also have developed a set of rad braces, a tough-looking bash plate, a case saver, and rear disc and master cylinder guards.

Twisted Throttle now lists the CRF450L on its website, although at this point it mostly looks like generic add-ons. Seat Concepts is building replacement saddles for the bike already.

If you want to dig a little further into the corners of the Internet, you can also find parts listed for the machine in Japan, particularly on Webike, although the shipping can be somewhat expensive in that case.

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