I know it seems like time is screaming by, but here we are rolling up on the end of November already, and you know what that means: Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals! Maybe this is the year that you and your friends finally take that long motorcycle trip that you’d planned back in the winter before 2020 happened. Or maybe you’ve spent some time poring over maps preparing for a time when we can all travel again. 

Those days are fast approaching! The holidays are coming up, and it looks the summer of 2022 will be the year of travel. Everything you’ve been planning, all the maps you’ve been studying, the landmarks you’ve marked? We’re all figuring out how to make it happen in 2022. What a summer we’re going to have!


Mosko Moto

Mosko Deuce Poop Trowel

Let’s get this one out of the way first: it’s a shovel. It is tiny and light-weight, and will come in real handy when you’re rough camping off your motorcycle while riding the Continenal Divide. Yes, it’s for poop. You definitely know someone who needs this. It’s called the Deuce #3, made by the TentLab out of Colorado. “Mosko’s solution to all your backcountry poop needs.”

Jackaloft Insulated Shirt-Jacket

We all know that guy that shows up cold, without having packed enough layers. Don’t be that guy. This body-mapped, fully synthetic, PrimaLoft® Gold insulated, super low-profile, surprisingly warm jacket preserves its warming qualities even when you’re wearing it under all your gear and riding armor. When you’re walking around off the bike, it looks just like… a normal jacket.

Pico Tank Bag 2.0

If you find yourself fighting with your tank bag while riding, this might be your solution. If you have a friend that’s always complaining that they can’t stand up on the bike properly while climbing hills because their tank bag is in the way, here’s your gift idea. Perfectly waterproof even with its pass-through cable ports, this minimalist tank bag features Hypalon Molle webbing compatible with the Navigator cell phone holder. It has an adjustable/removable internal divider and a cash & card stash pocket. And it’s tapered, so it will not be in their way while your friends are hopping curbs in front of Starbucks.

The New Sena Flagship: The Sena Quantum Series

The Sena Quantum Series includes helmet communicators and helmets which promise an “an unprecedented motorcycling auditory experience.” Products in the Sena Quantum Series feature all-new speakers and a microphone, all created with the audio experts at Harman Kardon. The 50S and 50R Mesh Intercom systems come standard with SOUND BY Harmon Kardon speakers and microphone. Now available, the 50C Mesh Intercom 4K Camera combo, an upgrade from their extant 10C. Sena also makes helmets! Their Stryker (full face) and Impulse (modular) helmets also feature the Harmon Kardon setup as well as an interior audio dampening design and integrated LED taillights.

Equip Your Adventures: Lone Rider

From Thursday 25 November through Sunday 28 November, Lone Rider is offering 20% off all their products, even the bundles that are already 10% off.


Semirigid 100% waterproof saddlebags hold more weight than soft bags but won’t hurt you in an unplanned excursion like hard bags can. Various sizes are available and come with a quick-release that fit most tubular luggage racks.

The Overlander

The OverLander is your do-it-all duffle , and it secures to any motorcycle with a luggage rack. It’s semi-rigid so it’ll hold its shape, and is 100% waterproof. Loaded with features like quick-release buckles and an integrated lock bar, you carry it like a backpack with you, or leave it securely locked to your bike. 

Moto Tent

Tall enough to stand up in but still moto-packable, this tent has a garage. You can park your bike or yourself (or both) inside to stay out of the weather. You’ve definitely seen this tent in pictures of motorcycle adventures online; it’s like sleeping in a mobile Taj Mahal of tents. Ones that fit on motorcycles, anyway. 

ADV Tent

This tent packs smaller and sets up smaller, so you’ll have better luck stealth camping during your adventures. There’s something to be said for packability, too. If your minimalist philosophy says “pack small” or your bike just doesn’t have much room, take a closer look at this 2-person (or one person and all your gear) tent.

Bundle 2: Complete Luggage Set

If you’re starting from scratch, have no luggage, and need to outfit your bike for every possible scenario, this kit has everything. A set of MotoBags, an Overlander, a couple of MiniBags and MicroBags, bottle holders, a TallBag, packing cubes… the list goes on. Sometimes it’s worth only having to buy luggage once.


Quad LockProtect Your Phone

The Quad Lock 360 is a super-secure and vibration-damping phone mount for your motorcycle. It will protect the fragile image stabilization in your phone’s camera, and features wireless charging too. If you’re using your phone for navigation and worry about damage, you’ll be happy to hear that the elastomer technology in the QuadLock isolates your phone from your motorcycle’s vibrations. With a variety of mounting options, finding one to fit your motorcycle won’t be a problem. You can couple that with a mount for your car on snowy days, or a stand for your office desk. Heck, you can even QuadLock your phone to your bicycle if you want. During the QuadLock Black Friday sale you can take 30% off all the prices on the Quad Lock site.

For Your KTM or Husqvarna Loving Loved Ones

The Akrapovic Slip-On for Big KTM Adventure Bikes

Fitment:   KTM 1190 Adventure/R 13-16, KTM 1290 Super Adventure 15-16, KTM 1090 Adventure/R 17-19, KTM 1290 Super Adventure S/R/T 17-20. The inner stainless and outer titanium construction of the Akrapovic slip-ons feature substantial weight savings over the stock lump on your bike (about 7 lbs). They’re also plug-and-play; no reflash is necessary, and are 50-state legal.

A Smartphone Bracket just for your KTM or Husqvarna

This phone bracket can be mounted to your handlebar, has vibration-damping built in, and can be rotated into any position you’d like to view your smartphone. Are you a portrait-viewer or a landscape-viewer? It’s made by your bike’s manufacturer, so you can be sure about fitment.

KTM Terra Adventure Jacket

Even if you don’t ride a KTM you can wear their gear. The wind- and waterproof outer jacket zips off to reveal large ventilation panels. The jacket also features a removable thermal lining, so you’ll be comfortable no matter the weather. It also has reflective paneling and a waterproof concealed document pocket for all your, um, documents (just documents, officer). It ships with
removable SAS-TEC® protectors at the shoulders and elbows, and a pocket for the optional chest armor. The sleeves and waist are adjustable for optimum fitment.

Yamaha Ténéré 700

What good is a Holiday wish list if it doesn’t include a whole damn motorcycle?

The Yamaha Ténéré 700 motorcycle features an advanced 689cc liquid-cooled, inline twin-cylinder engine; highly adjustable, long-travel suspension, and dirt-ready spoked wheels (21 front, 18 rear). Its dual front and single rear disc brakes have selectable ABS that can be switched off for the real gnarly stuff. Its adventure-focused Ergonomics (narrow body, slim fuel tank, and flat seat) mean it’s as at home on the dirt as you want it to be, while still maintaining perfectly tractable road manners. I’m not saying it’s a Goldilocks bike, but it might be a Goldilocks bike. What good is a wish list if you don’t reach for the stars? Santa might surprise you this year.

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