ADVRider is in Gateway, Colorado for the rollout of the new BMW F750GS and F850GS motorcycles.  I just finished riding the new F750GS and will be riding the F850GS tomorrow.

In summary, I was quite surprised by the F750GS.  I was expecting the bike to be the “beginner” ADV middleweight from BMW.  But after today’s ride, I was surprised by the bike’s new engine and off-road capability.

At an early morning rider’s meeting, we were told that we would ride pavement and dirt.  About 4 miles into the ride, we made a right turn off the pavement and onto the dirt.  Mind you were on smooth tires.

At the beginning of the dirt, the surfaces were fairly hard packed.  But as we began to climb into the mountains, the surfaces became loose sand and gravel.  It was somewhat technical in sections, and frankly not the type of riding I expected to be doing on this bike.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the bikes ability.  It handled the climbing and twisting wash easily.  Once over 3,000 RPM, the engine hits the meat of its power band and makes excellent power.  The type of power that makes you want to spin the rear up a bit.

In the end, about 70% of the day’s riding was on dirt of varying condition.  Once back on the pavement, there was some very spirited canyon riding and the F750GS handled well.  The front always felt planted in big sweepers or tight switchbacks.

We’ll have a full review of both bikes shortly.


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