On April 27th, ADVRider ran its first poll asking inmates, “What kind of rider are you?”.  A little over two weeks later, we’ve got an idea of the composition of the AVDRider community.

The results are quite interesting.  About 5,500 people looked at the poll, and of those people, about 2,000 participated in the survey so far.

We gave you six categories to choose from recognizing that ADVRider inmates may cross into more than one category.  It would be up to the inmate to decide which category fit their type of riding best.

The categories we chose were:

  • Occasional fair weather rider
  • Weekend warrior
  • Extended trip rider
  • RTW traveler / nomad
  • Not yet riding / learning to ride
  • Other (with the request to identify what type of rider the inmate thought they were).

As of May 14th, here’s what the results are saying:

Extended trip riders

Precisely half of us say we are “extended trip” riders.  That appears to make sense since more adventures probably happen further away from one’s home, and it takes time to get there.  That’s not to say that you can’t have an adventure close to home.  You certainly can.  But ADVRider’s Tagline is “Ride The World”. And based upon the number of Epic Rides reports which outnumber the Day Trippin’ ride reports by nearly 3 to 1 in the forum, this seems to hold true.

Kim riding in Wyoming on a month-long trip through 5 western states. Photo credit: Mike Botan

Fair weather riders

I’m not sure what to say about the next category of ADVRider inmates.  “Occasional fair weather” riders make up 12% of us.  Perhaps this category of inmates is even too busy to get out and ride. Maybe they reflect inmates that enjoy bikes but only to an extent where they feel “safe” as in easy terrain or less traffic. Perhaps it’s a reflection of age where riders have made the decision not to ride unless conditions are perfect or they don’t have the energy they used to.  Regardless of what the cause is of their fair weather riding, it’s still great that they are riding and are members of our community.  I might make a small wager that a significant amount of these riders have a lot of experience and many stories to tell.

Fair weather riding in Colorado can be found and ridden in a day. Photo credit: Kim Botan

“Other” riders

Next is our “Other” category where inmates who felt they didn’t fit into any of our pre-assigned categories were asked to click.  8% of ADVRider inmates chose this “Other”  category.   We also asked these ADVRider inmates to tell us what category they fit into in the comments section and boy, did you!  There are already 91 comments on this post.  Clearly, you felt that you had something to say and we hear you.  Several of you thought we missed some categories, and after reading your comments, we agree!  Some of you talked about fitting into more than one category.  Some said they were weekend warriors but also made a few longer trips as vacations/time allowed.  But the one category we seem to have missed entirely was the “commute” rider.    Many of us ride to and for work.  ADVRider inmate scout68 succinctly pointed out that many of us commute on their bikes.  He also pointed out that our daily commitments to our families may impact our ability to make more “adventuresome” rides.

Lots of us ride to work or ride for work.

In return for scout68’s thoughtful post, you upvoted his comment 61 times which is a record here on ADVRider.  So thanks scout68 for pointing that out.  You have become our first “Featured by ADVRider.com” commenter, and your post now heads all the comments.

Around the world riders

Many of us also claim to be Round The World (RTW) riders.  In fact, 4% of us claim that title.  Many of us would like to, but it seems that only 4% of us have been able to make the jump to RTW riding. But it’s nice to know that we have a significant part of our membership that has been able to accomplish a RTW trip or are presently on one.  The fact that you choose to participate here and perhaps share a few stories and tips with us is fantastic.

Kim and I in Iceland. My little XT660R’s chain had jumped the sprocket and locked the rear wheel. Photo credit: Gudrun Vilmundardottir

Not riding or just starting

Finally, 1% of the people who responded say that they are not yet riding or just learning to ride.  There’s good and bad to that percentage we think.  Good that there are people who do not ride but still visit our community.  On the other hand, what’s not so good is that only 1% or less of us are learning to ride.  Let’s hope that we can draw more into our community going forward.  More people becoming interested in motorcycling can only serve to better the sport.

A student learning to ride during an MSF Basic Rider Course. Photo credit: MSF

We also like to note that our poll is not a scientific survey by any stretch of the imagination.  But what it can do is give you a feel for what your fellow inmates are like and how they ride.

If you have some thoughts about the survey results, please tell us in the comments below.

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