Who can explain wanderlust? What is it that compels some people to live a nomadic lifestyle?

Eglė Gerulaityte is one such adventurous soul. She’s EvergreenE on ADVRider.com, and her ride report has been going on for over two years now.

What Eglė has discovered is that the answer to that question — what drives someone to live her life on the road — has changed.

Making friends — Egle Gerulaityte, author of Tales from South America: Everyday Life, People, and Legends

Even as a child she struck on her own. At age 12 she made a deal with her folks; her birthday present and Christmas present each year would be a trip abroad. At the first chance, she would leave the safety of the tour group and explore cities on her own.

At 18, she thumbed from her native Lithuania to Portugal and back. At 28, she first slung a leg over a bike and she’s been exploring the world on two wheels ever since.

“I think it was the amazing Lois Pryce who said, ‘when you ride a motorcycle, you’re not looking at the picture – you’re IN it’. I think she nailed it: when you’re travelling on two wheels, you’re part of the world instead of being a passive observer separated from the people and the environment by windows and doors.”
Eglė Gerulaityte

Unconventional fueling — Egle Gerulaityte, author of Tales from South America: Everyday Life, People, and Legends

Eglė has spent the past few years traveling through South America. And she found that what may have started as a chance for self-exploration or self-realization has become something else.

“As a traveler I soon realized the journey wasn’t about me. It was about the people I met on the road. And this is what my book, Tales from South America, is all about.”

Why are Colombians so passionate about throwing rocks at targets that explode? Who are the people who illegally mine gold in the Amazon and how much money do they make? Why would an indigenous woman from a tiny remote village in the Andes teach herself French, discover feminism and and install solar panels on her little mud brick house?

The upcoming book — Tales from South America: Everyday Life, People, and Legends

As an accomplished journalist and published author, Eglė has chronicled it all. Now she’s self-publishing a book that describes the wonderful, the weird and the glorious people of South America that she’s had the good fortune to meet on her travels.

It’s called Tales from South America: Everyday Life, People, and Legends. (You can download a sample, for free, here.)

This is the bit where we come in.

Eglė has a campaign on Indiegogo to help her raise the funds to get the book into print and circulation. She’s made 80% of her goal at the time of this writing and we could help push her over the top. Depending upon your ability to help, here’s an escalating list of what you’ll get back:

  • the digital or printed version of the book
  • a postcard from South America
  • a motorcycle tour in Ecuador
  • an opportunity to meet the actual people in the book
  • a chance to be featured in the book yourself!

If by some good fortune the Indiegogo drive exceeds her goal, she’ll use the money to include illustrations produced by artists she’s met in South America.

One last important note: EvergreeE and her partner, rtwPaul, strongly believe in paying forward. They’ve been enriched by the people they’ve met, many of whom live in what we would consider desperate poverty.

And so Eglė will give back 5% of whatever revenue the book produces “to the people and families I met on the road.”

The book is scheduled to be ready in March, 2019. Any help you can give a fellow (amazingly adventurous) inmate would be gratefully received.

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