It happens all the time. You buy your lovely BMW motorcycle (or Honda, KTM or Ducati) and pretty soon you realize that the stock windscreen just isn’t doing it for you. Maybe it’s the buffeting, maybe it’s the wind noise, but at speed you find yourself looking for a little more protection.

So you dip into the aftermarket. You consider the Wunderlich wind deflector (their best-selling item.) But that doesn’t seem like enough protection. That motivates you to look at full windscreen replacements. Maybe a Parabellum, or a used Cee Bailey from eBay. But then you hear about a different kind of protection. It’s a multi-part system that delivers as little or as much protection as you want.

Wunderlich wind deflector — photo courtesy of Wunderlich America

And you enter the strange and wonderful world of Aeroflow.

AeroFlow doesn’t simply offer a taller, more protective after-market windshield, although they have them for most BMW models, as well as select models from Honda, KTM and Ducati. Sure, you could stop at “just” the windshield. But maybe you crave the bubble-life of the long distance luxo-machine. And so you consider adding the Aeroflow HandFlare Extensions. These redirect the air that comes in under your windscreen.

AeroFlow HandFlare Extension — photo courtesy of AeroFlow

And that’s so nifty that you think, hey, maybe the whole bubble can be mine! Another click on AeroFlow’s website takes you to their AeroGards. These are extensions that pick up where the HandFlare leaves off. They extend even lower and AeroFlow claims they’ll provide protection down to six inches below the waist.

AeroFlow AeroGards — photo courtesy of AeroFlow

That should probably do it for most people. But not for AeroFlow. They’re determined to democratize the full-fairing experience. And so they also offer the pièce de wind-résistance, LegGards. You guessed it, more extensions, this time to protect you down to the cylinder heads. LegGards aren’t offered for all models, so be sure to check the AeroFlow site if you have your heart set on a pair.

AeroFlow LegGards — photo courtesy of AeroFlow

And there you have it; the complete AeroFlow experience. Life in the bubble, at 80 miles an hour.

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