Aerostich is experiencing the impact of COVID-19 like everybody else, but the Duluth-based company is still very much in business, and is now offering a significant discount on its gift certificates.

While the company has outsourced some production overseas over the years, Aerostich has continued to make highly functional riding gear in its Duluth location, upholding its reputation for quality … until it was shut down by state government. The Aerostich in-house production line was shut down by Minnesota’s shelter-at-home order. The company’s walk-in storefront at the Duluth location was also closed.

However, Aerostich also has its online retail site and its catalogue business as well, and the company wants you to know it’s business as usual here—only the sewing operation and walk-in store are shut down. According to Aerostich’s press release, they’re shipping orders from their existing stock every week day.

And though the company might not be making new suits right now, they’re offering a big discount on gift certificates, which can be used on new suits when that production re-starts, or the company’s existing inventory. Currently, Aerostich is offering its gift certificates at a 25 per cent discount. That means on a typical ‘Stich in the $1000 range, you’ll save $250. Aerostich says this kills the company’s profits for this year’s Q2 and Q3, as it’s selling the suits at basically the costs of materials and labour. But it gives them cash flow “to keep paying vendors, insurers, utilities, lenders and all the other things we must pay to keep the business active.” That’s important, as the moto-industry needs Aerostich and the rest of the companies on that list to survive this pandemic and its resultant economic destruction.

The offer is valid until Saturday, April 18, so if you’re keen to take advantage of this rare deal, get busy. For more details, visit the Aerostich website.

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