Are you a fan of ghastly greenish-yellow? Great news, matey! Aerostich has just announced its Transit 3 jacket is now available in hi-viz yellow.

Transit upgrade

Aerostich’s Transit leathers are known for their unique waterproofing qualities. Usually, riders can choose between a leather pants/jacket, or waterproofing, but they can’t have both. The Transit series (now in its third generation) offers waterproofing combined with the perforated Corium leather exterior. This is a breathable, rain-proof suit, with the top-level protection you can only get from leather. Win-win-win.

However, the original Transit 1-3 series all came in basic black. Not usually a problem for most motorcyclists, as most riders think Black Is Beautiful. But Aerostich customers are often very safety-focused, and want bright riding equipment for increased visibility.

Enter the hi-viz Transit 3! Aerostich’s press release says

A bright Hi-Viz yellow version of the revolutionary Aerostich Transit 3 Jacket is now available for pre-orders. All 24 sizes (from 38 to 52 in Shorts, Regulars and Longs) are available in this bright new color, but the initial number will be limited. Deliveries begin in August.

This new Aerostich Hi-Viz Transit 3 is the first-ever use of Hi-Viz in an armored leather riders jacket. In 1994 Aerostich pioneered the first Hi-Viz yellow rider’s gear. Over the following years this unique visibility-enhancing color became a standard part of all road construction (and many other) worker’s safety equipment. Wearing Hi-Viz is now the most experience-proven way to increase conspicuity and safety.

Aerostich doesn’t go into the details of how the leather is dyed to this garish colour. Was the process stolen from the files of Radioactive Man?

The press release does not say! However, it does say the jacket is the same as the Transit 3, except for colour. Same vent in back with two-way zipper, same 270-degree pants-to-jacket zipper, same shoulders/elbow/back padding, same chest pocket, inside pocket, zippered side pocket and zippered right forearm pocket.

The new hi-viz Transit 3 jacket sells for $1037 US; Aerostich will cut $100 off your price if you pre-pay when pre-ordering. Either way, that’s a lot of cash for a riding suit, but for customers who need/demand the unique qualities of the Transit 3, this is the reality. Details on pre-ordering and sizing at Aerostich’s website.

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