Earlier this month, a California woman (Navy veteran and mother of eight) was killed in a hit-and-run crash, when her motorcycle was struck by a car. Now, her husband’s gone to the work of finding a suspect for police, doing the footwork himself.

The sad story began when 48-year-old Brenda Jean Richardson was killed while riding her motorcycle in the town of Corona, says NBC News. Following the crash, police said they were looking for a white sedan, but did not announce they’d found any suspects. So the next day, Richardson’s husband Rod went on the lookout himself.

Rod, a former police officer himself, started searching near the crash site, and found a white Lexus four-door sedan, with what appeared to be crash damage, in a nearby gated community. He called the authorities, and they took things from there. Now, police have arrested 85-year-old Toshiro Isa for felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter, according to Twitter. Isa is now out, on $75,000 bail.

According to police, they showed Rod Richardson a photo of the vehicle they were searching for, shortly before he located the car they were trying to find. The PD said “Teamwork with our community is essential in our operations, and this case is no exception“—none of the usual boilerplate about citizens not taking the law into their own hands, blah blah blah. And to Richardson’s credit, it seems he was content to leave the police to do their policing, once he’d done what he could.

Richardson was a mother of eight children, and had served in the VA for many years after her Navy service.

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