When it comes to bike mods, stock footpegs are usually the first to go. If you ride mostly off-road, cover long distances while standing up, and spend a lot of time standing on the bike tackling gnarly terrain, stock footpegs just don’t cut it… But what does?

Warp9 Racing

For four years now, I’ve been riding the world with my Warp9 Racing aftermarket footpegs, and after all the use, abuse, racing, and crashes, they’re still intact. I love that they’re wide and grippy, and they refuse to break even when a wheelie practice goes wrong, a bike flips, and lands smack on the right side smashing the footpeg mount – but not the footpeg itself.

Rally Footpegs

If my Warp9 pegs do give out at some point, I’d be curious to try rally footpegs by Cross Country ADV. They’re CNC-machined for aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, seem to be wide and grippy enough, and curiously, the manufacturer also claims they allow for better control of the rear wheel as the pegs are placed slightly backward and downward by a few millimeters. Whether this really helps or not, I’d be curious to try them out and see for myself.

SW Motech Aftermarket Footpegs

Both Warp9 and Cross Country ADV footpegs come at a price point of over $200, so if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, these SW Motech footpegs might be a great option. height-adjustable and with removable rubber soles, they seem great for both on and off-road riding, and they won’t break your bank.

What aftermarket footpegs do you use, and are you happy with them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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