Although the coronavirus pandemic is making it hard to run group events, the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) is still planning an all-new classic bike gathering for May, 2021. It’s called the Classic MotoFest, and it runs May 28-30 at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka, Kansas.

This isn’t a show-and-shine concours gathering. The AHRMA has “racing” right in its name, and that’s what this weekend about. According to their release, the weekend will have vintage roadracing, motocross, cross-country, trials and drag racing.That’s a very diverse range of racing events for a single weekend. It’s possible because Heartland Motorspors Park has an NHRA-sanctioned 1/4-mile drag strip as well as a 2.5-mile roadracing track. Organizers are also working on building an MX track for the event, and a five-mile cross-country track through wooded parts of the Heartland facility.

That sounds like a lot of work, but if everything comes together, the new event could turn out to be one-stop shopping for a lot of vintage race fans. There aren’t many events like this in North America. Plus, as Kansas is smack-dab in the middle of the US, the Topeka racing facility is central for vintage enthusiasts from all over the country—especially riders looking to compete in on-road and offroad events on the same weekend.

Although the focus is on competition, the organizers realize not everyone wants to bash or blow their machine up, so there’s also a swap meet, a bike show, and other activities at the gathering.

Spectators will certainly have their ticket’s worth of excitement seeing many different types of competition over the May 28-30 weekend,” said Travis Hilton, Track Manager for Heartland Motorsports Park. “In addition to competition, entertainment options will be available for all in the form of a premiere bike show, widespread swap meet, and live band performing for everyone’s enjoyment. The 2021 AHRMA Classic MotoFest in the Heartland event will be a chance for new and old attendees to talk about for years—or at least until 2022!”

If you’re keen on going, or just want more information, keep an eye on the AHRMA website, as more details are posted in coming weeks.



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