Electric motorcycles are racing in more and more motorcycle racing events.  And, the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) has embraced the new breed of electrically powered racing.

In fact, it is announcing that electric machines have the opportunity to race in some new classes of the AHRMA roadracing series.  The organization says that as technology in electric motorcycles increases, some bikes that dominated its Formula Lighting bike class just a few years ago now struggle to compete for podiums.

To rectify the situation, AHRMA is announcing the formation of some new classes.  Formula Lightning Lite B will allow owners of Brammo Empulses to compete with each other and not be scored against more powerful current model bikes.  Also, AHRMA is creating Formula Lightning Lite Z that will allow Zero SR machines to compete against other non-SR/F Zeros.  Both classes will be exhibition classes and will grid with AHRMA’s “permanent” Formula Lightning class, but will be scored separately.

Since the new classes are exhibition classes only, racers will not receive points or trophies.  In light of this, AHRMA is discounting the member entry fee to $65 per race.  There’s currently no word on whether AHRMA will make the new classes permanent in the future.  But, electric motorcycles are here to stay, and it’s good to see racing organizations embracing new motorcycle technology.

You can register for these new classes by using the MotorsportReg link found on the organization’s website; AHRMA.org.  For questions about Formula Lite B and Formula Lite Z, send a message using the contact form on AHRMA’s website.

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