The 2021 AIMExpo and Tokyo motorcycle shows have both been cancelled, leaving us wondering: When will we actually see another motorcycle show?

The AIMExpo show was already postponed once due to COVID-19, from its date in fall of 2020, and re-scheduled to run as a mid-winter 2021 event in mid-January in Columbus, Ohio. With that date and location, it’s basically filling the role of the old V-Twin Expo and Dealer Expo shows that ran mid-west, mid-winter, with only industry invited—a far cry from its original goal of becoming a North American equivalent to EICMA and Intermot, running late fall in Florida.

AIMExpo’s news release said “We have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 AIMExpo, the industry’s annual trade show, and while this wasn’t an easy choice it is certainly the right one.

“With local directives limiting gathering size, travel restrictions, and a myriad of other obstacles created by the pandemic, there are too many unknown factors limiting our ability to create a safe environment that will also deliver the experience and ROI our exhibitors and attendees expect. We do not want to deliver a show that doesn’t live up to their high standards. Also impacting our decision to postpone are the dealers working to rebuild their businesses after suffering devastating damage from fires, hurricanes, and floods that have hit both the East and West Coasts.”

With all that in mind, it certainly makes sense to put things off for 2022, and that’s the plan.

As for the Tokyo show, it’s more or less the same thing: Restrictions on public gatherings and cautious exhibitors means the late-winter show (it runs in March) is cancelled, just like it was for 2020. It’s too bad, as the Tokyo show is maybe the most interesting of them all; the Japanese exhibit stuff there before it sees the light of day anywhere else. Unfortunately, we won’t get that sneak peek this year.

So what about the other shows? With Intermot, EICMA and Motorcycle Live also not running, there is still some question about the North American MMIC and IMS shows. IMS is now running the “IMS Outdoors ” festival, based around test rides with less factory displays, but that certainly isn’t possible with events like the Manhattan show.

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