Having announced the launch their new Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Boxer engine, BMW is quickly dropping the bigger unit in all of its “R” bikes. The first to get it will reportedly be the new R 1150 GS.

But the R 1250 RT can’t be far behind. Spy images were posted online back in March. And now BMW Motorrad has posted official images on their website.

Right now, BMW is holding onto the nitty-gritty details of the changes they’re making to the new RT. Based on the GS, though, we can guess that it’s going to be a bit heavier, possibly as much as 11 lbs (5 kilos.) We already know that there’s a displacement boost, up to 1254cc from the current 1170cc, delivering a claimed 136hp (101.415 kW). Early messaging from Motorrad is that the variable cam-shaft control system (dubbed “BMW SHiftcam”) will give you smoother throttle response and oodles of torque all the way through the rev range.

Standard gear will now include Hill Start Control (HST) as well as Automative Stability Control (ASC) for those slippery road conditions.

BMW R 1250 RT with standard ASC — photo courtesy of BMW Mororrad

There’s a pretty long list of optional equipment, some of it performance related and some of it for aesthetics. On the riding side, Dynamic Traction Control DTC, ABS Pro, Hill Start Control Pro and Dynamic Brake Assistant DBC (new) are all on the list. So too is Dynamic ESA “Next Generation”, BMW’s automatic load compensation. The instrument cluster is a 6.5″ TFT (16.51 cms.) LED daytime riding lights are also optional, although the bike retains the halogen mains.

Halogen mains with LED optional DRLs on the R 1250 RT — photo courtesy of BMW Motorrad

On the aesthetic side, milled parts packages Option 719 Classic and HP will be offered, as well as “Option 719 Wheels Classic or Sport, an exclusive seat and one of two Spezial paint finishes.” And finally, you’ll be able to get a HP sports silencer with a beefier note.

But amid of of this, the new 1250 VVT engine is obviously the star of the show. Smoother. More torque. Higher output.

Sounds good.

BMW R 1250 RT — photo courtesy of BMW

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