The AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship will go on in 2020.  Previously canceled, a well prepared COVID-19 mitigation plan and location change are giving new life to the event.  The result is a pushed out event date of September 19 – 20.  Also, the hill climb’s location is changing to Waterford, Ohio.

New date and location

AMA’s track Racing Manage, Ken Saillant had this to say about the new event:

The Pierce County Health Department’s decision not to allow our originally planned event to move forward was understandable in light of Wisconsin’s state-mandated restrictions at the time.  Thanks to the hard work of the Pioneer Motorcycle Club and the Washington County Health Department, however, we have an Ohio-compliant plan that makes this event possible in this new location. We look forward to recognizing several champions this September at the 2020 AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship.”

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

The Pioneer Motorcycle Club’s work is a key reason for the hill climb’s ressurection.  Club President Les Wolfe and the Waterford County Health Department worked together to create a COVID-19 mitigation plan.  The extensive plan is compliant with both local and state regulations.   It implements COVID-19 safety measures including health checks, face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizers appropriate signage, and a spectator ban.

As for the plan itself, Wolfe says that this year’s hill climb will be different from previous events:

“We were eager to work with the health department to ensure this event can take place while keeping everyone healthy,” Wolfe said. “One of the key requirements, in line with state guidelines, is that only racers and pit crew are allowed on site. We ask all racers to respect this requirement, because we are limiting attendance to necessary personnel only.”

But parts of the 2020 American Motorcyclist Association Hillclimb Grand Championship will remain quite similar to events in the past.  While there may be restrictions based on COVID, the competition will remain unchanged.  The event will still offer multiple competition classes based on rider age, engine displacement and motorcycle configuration.



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