We’ve already shared a couple of bits of news (here, here, here, here) about the ongoing scandal surrounding Norton Motorcycles, as the company has gone into administration (the British way of saying the company can’t pay its bills). Well, this story’s got plenty of legs left yet, with more juicy chatter coming out of the UK, and also more developments at the plant.

First up, the hard news: The local paper is reporting the factory itself has definitely ended production, with 24-hour guards posted, and concrete barriers placed to stop in-out traffic. It’s possible some Norton owners could be trying to get back to the factory to secure machines that were undergoing warranty work, or had been paid deposits on, or whatever. No doubt the whole thing is a mess, for sure, and if allegations are true, it’s been a mess for a long time. Brit mag SuperBike is running a series of articles on the situation, starting with this interview with a former business partner of the CEO.

Is the problem going to be worked out, and can Norton get back in business? According to the financial wizards sorting out the whole situation, “As joint administrators, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that customers, staff and suppliers are supported through the administration process, as we seek the sale of the business and assets.

“We have had a significant volume of interest and are hopeful that a sale of Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd can be secured.”

In other words, they’re trying to sort out who’s owed what, and try to make it right, and people are definitely interested in buying the company. Word on the street is that the luxury cars on the grounds have already been carted off to be sold, which will no doubt help make some ends meet. Already there are names bandied about for possible sales, with one journo at RideApart positing Keanu Reeves would make an ideal buyer for Norton, what with his interest in the brand, in bespoke bikes, and his Commonwealth heritage. It’s a crazy idea, but maybe it’d work?

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