It was only a matter of time, and now, it’s upon us: The Great KLR650 Aftermarket Gold Rush is beginning, with introduction of a new seat from Corbin. Expect a lot more in the near future.

The Corbin seat

Corbin has just announced a Dual Platform Low saddle for the new-for-2022 Kawasaki KLR650. It’s supposed to offer more comfort for your backside, and also allow for an easier reach to the ground. It’s already a somewhat familiar design, adapted to the new model machine. Here’s how Corbin describes it:

This model was originally developed with a ton of great feedback from our pals at and has been a staple of KLR riders now for decades (literally). The stepped, dual platform design allowed us to really lower the front position of the saddle. This equates to better ground reach and, naturally, a lower center of gravity. A nice side effect of the stepped seating is that you get a nice bit of back support out of it too.


Notice how we’ve taken this shape and sculpted it to conform to the shape of your body. This provides more square inches of body contact and eliminates the pressure points where the leg bones meet the butt bone. Although it takes a bit to really break in a Corbin saddle (1,500 miles), you will notice this improvement right away


Passenger seating area is designed with a neutralized platform to curb sliding forward in the saddle. Dished shaping provides an excellent contact patch while maintaining a clean look.

Corbin even offers electric seat heaters on these new saddles, with built-in switch on the seat’s left side activating heaters for rider and passenger. This is an easy-install job, with a pigtail that runs to your bike’s fusebox, and everything else built directly into the seat. The seat itself bolts directly to the Kawasaki chassis like the original.

There’s a Rally seat coming soon, if this stepped design isn’t for you. Photo: Corbin

Pricing is $618 for the new KLR seat, or $738 if you want the heated version. Head over to Corbin’s site for more details; note that the company says a Rally seat, with straight profile for offroad maneuvering, is coming soon. For ADVrider’s first ride review of the new KLR, see this write-up here! And, like we said in the opening paragraph: Expect a lot more aftermarket support for the new KLR650 in coming months.

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