As the COVID-19 pandemic has scrambled so many rally racing events and schedules, Rally Dakar competitors and Road to Dakar hopefuls will gather in Andalucia, Spain, in October for the last chance to train for the Dakar – or win their ticket to race.

Andalucia Rally, organized by David Castera’s ODC Events, is to replace this year’s Rallye du Maroc edition. Andalucia Rally is a Road to Dakar event which will allow the rookie motorcycle riders to validate their Dakar 2021 registrations, and the Enduro CUP and SSVT4 category winners will have a chance to win a Dakar entry.

For the factory riders, all-time Dakar stars, and pro riders, Andalucia provides an opportunity to train before Rally Dakar 2021. According to organizers, all the big names from Toby Price, Pablo Quintanilla, Laia Sanz, and Adrien van Beveren are confirmed to participate:

Rally Andalucia will have a static bivouac in Villamartin, and the special stages are designed as loops around the area. The race kicks off on the 6th of October with a 17 km super special to determine the starting order. For the next four days, competitors will cover over 1,000 km of specials with the 3rd day having a single 300-kilometer special stage. Car and truck drivers will be equipped with electronic roadbooks, while motorcycle and quad riders will still use paper roadbook scrolls.

Andalucia Rally: A New Road to Dakar Race

Compared with Rallye du Maroc, the original Road to Dakar event, Andalucia Rally might offer rookies a unique chance to compete in Rally Dakar 2021. While the motorcycle category entry fees remain the same – 4,900 euro for the FIM riders and 3,500 euros for the Enduro Cup – Rallye du Maroc had much longer special stages and likely, a much more challenging route and terrain than Spain has to offer.

After Andalucia Rally and the Hellas Rally Raid, the next upcoming rally races will be Africa Eco Race and Rally Dakar, albeit with several significant route changes and more complex logistics because of the global pandemic situation.


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