It wasn’t too long ago that we told you about two Forest Officers traveling through the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in India.  That story provided a video of a tiger leaping out of the forest and chasing after the two officers.   If you missed it, you can check out our There’s A Tiger On Your Tank article.  Well, another video has emerged with two scooter riders riding two-up at night and their close encounter with another member of the cat family.

This time, a video was once again shot by a forest service worker in India.  The worker, Susanta Nanda had stopped at the side of the road as an animal peeked from the roadside to his left.  Nanda was waiting for the animal to cross the road before proceeding.

But while he waited, two people on a scooter decided to pass to the right of Nanda, seemingly oblivious to the animal waiting at the side of the road.  As the scooterists passed, the animal lept out of the forest towards the scooterists.

This time, it was not a tiger, but a juvenile leopard.  The lunge was quite brief and was over almost immediately.  It’s not even clear whether the two riders knew that the leopard had lunged towards them.  In any event, the riders rode away unharmed and the leopard returned to the forest.

So if you are riding through the forests of India at night, big cats appear to be one more thing to be alert for.

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