As backstories go, this one’s pretty good.

English businessman Steve Smith owns a yacht. He likes to go places on his yacht. When he gets there, he likes to ride a motorcycle to get around.

He started with a BSA Bantam. Draining the fluids and wrapping it to catch oil leaks every time he took a trip got to be tiresome. So he bought another Bantam and custom-installed an electric motor.

People liked it. People asked him about.

Ding! Business opportunity, he thought to himself.

Veitis eV-Twin — photo courtesy of Veitis

One thing led to another. And from there, to the eV-Twin. Smith formed a company called Veitis. He had Malcolm Shepherson (from Metal Malarkey in Shropshire, England) help him design the frame.

Veitis eV-Twin — photo courtesy of Veitis

The motor consists of 18650 Panasonic cells, coupled to a brushless interior-permanent-magnet Ashwoods motor that’s rated to 11kW.

Veitis eV-Twin — photo courtesy of Veitis

The resulting Veitas is almost entirely made in Britain. It uses Reynolds 631 tubing, Talon wheel hubs, K-Tech shocks, the billet work is done by Billet World in Derby and he’s talking to Maxton about making the shocks. But for now, at least, the switchgear, clocks and indicators are made by Germany’s Motogadget.

Veitis eV-Twin — photo courtesy of Veitis

In Britain, the resulting build is legal for A1 license holders to ride. The A1 license permits the holder to ride mopeds and motorcycles 125 cc and below.

Which is interesting, given that Smith says it can make 70 mph and go 100 miles on a charge. It will take 3 hours and 45 minutes to fill ‘er up.

Veitis will start with a limited production run of 50 bikes. Partly that’s to gauge interest. Partly that’s because he’s asking an awful lot of money for it. The eV-Twin is on preorder for £40,000 (US$51,000) and first deliveries are scheduled for sometime in 2019.

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