Hey, it’s that time of year again, when we’re told we’re going to see a new Suzuki Hayabusa.

This time, it’s the Japanese press circulating the rumour, saying we’re going to see an updated version of the Suzuki hypersport, but not as flash as we’ve been told over the past few years. For more than five years, we’ve been told to expect a new Hayabusa, just around the corner, with supercharger or maybe a turbocharger. Based on a combinations of patents and insider gossip, the rumour had the new machine with a semi-auto gearbox, a 1440cc engine, revised chassis and new bodywork. It’d be Suzuki’s reply to the H2 series, a machine that truly put insane horsepower as the first priority. Just like the first Hayabusa, right?

Maybe not. Now, the rumours from Japan (Visordown ran them here) say the machine won’t be quite as fantastic as originally suggested. No forced induction, likely, but the engine will be updated and make more horsepower, around 200 ponies. That’s great, but the ‘Busa would have plenty of company in the 200 horsepower club now.

More importantly, the changes will make the bike meet Euro5 emissions standards, which is necessary for legal sales. And, the bike will supposedly get a new electronic safety system. That should do a lot to tame the Hayabusa’s wild reputation.

However, if Suzuki really does release a new Hayabusa, it’d be unsurprising if it was a much more modest update than the patents initially hinted at. Suzuki’s leadership wants to move away from big bikes, and make its money mass-producing smaller bikes. With the way the global economy and the moto scene is headed, no company wants to build an expensive machine that might underperform in sales.

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